Skin Care Tips In Summer

Skin Care 10 Tips In Summer

For skin care heat is required to take special care of skin. The summer season the scorching sun, sweat, and dirt. No skin in this season is just the risk of sunburn and tanning, but viral infection also induces a number of diseases of the skin. Come skin Rasej sweat so common.
Because of allergies in the summer with irritation on the skin red rashes and rash are also growing. So not only that they must not measure the skin’s protective heat skin Jhulsegi same face may have also freckle and wrinkles will be discolored and face.
You may be surprised to learn that skin is completely cold keeps luminous is why the skin glow lost in the heat, is why more oily. This is because of the natural oils of the skin in the winter, which stops to get her out of the oil gland and seems to be much secretion of oil in the heat. 90 percent on the skin freckled sunlight and caused the harmful rays of the sun.

In the summer of trouble occurring on skin

• Prickly Heat
• Pigmentenshn
• fungus
• Blackheads ie under eye dark spots
• Pimpalgaon
• acne
• Skin Allergies
• Sun to burn
• freckled face
• Skin Rasej

* Skin Care Summer Top 10 Tips

1. preserve the skin from the sun’s rays for skin care

Skin Care Summer

Afternoon Stay indoors from 11 am to 4 pm. The sun’s rays are very damaging. This time out in the sun may be at risk of sunburn or suntan on the skin. If you get the necessary sunscreen on the skin (SPF 30) to put the cream or lotion exit.

2. Keep moist both body and skin for skin care

 Skin Care Summer 1
Summer sweat leaves your skin Dihaidreted with the body to get more. The result is a skin loses its moisture. Summer skin is very important to get moisture. So plenty of water drink. At least 10 glasses of water, drink throughout the day. 2 days for the water 3 times a bath would be nice. Lassi, both yogurt, body, and skin to drink lemonade will moisture.

3. water use based Moscraijr for skin care

Skin Care Summer 3
Most Moscraijr oils are based, which damages the skin in summer. It is better to water use based Moscraijr. It retains the skin’s moisture.

4. Use the rose water toner for skin care

Skin Care Summer 4
Find rosewater on the skin and face. Rose water is a natural toner. It also reduces the secretion by closing the pores of the skin oil and cools the skin.

5. Avoid cold drinks for skin care

Skin Care Summer 5

We drink cold ie Ariatted drinks usually thirst in the heat. The sugar content of such drinks is quite harmful to skin health. Instead, we need to drink fruit juice, lemonade, buttermilk, coconut water or raw mango emerald and so on. This allows moisture to the skin.

6. Wash the face twice a day for skin care

Skin Care Summer 6
Wash twice in the face at least a day to maintain facial moisture cleanser or water-based Moisturizer, that face will freshen up.

7. Be sure to Aksfoliatt for skin care

Be sure to Aksfoliatt skin in summer. It ends all the dead cells of the skin and freshens the skin. Blood circulation in the face of Aksfoliatt is also increased, which leads to shine in the face.

8. fried food and caffeine abstinence for skin care

Skin Care Summer 7

Do not over-fried roast and heavy meals in the summer. Fruit and salad to eat more this season. This body will have the energy and moisture, and the skin will be fresh. Avoiding caffeine fixtures such as tea or coffee. It damages the skin.

9. Body Focus on cleaning the internal parts for skin care

Skin Care Summer 8
The internal parts of the body heat are the risk of post-surgical adhesion of sweat and moisture. Keep these parts always clean. This is where the more bacteria multiply. The smell of sweat of these parts is also slowing.

10. A healthy diet and good sleep for skin care

Skin Care Summer 9
Body health to skin health healthy diet and good sleep is important. Skin glowing they should take care of your diet for it. More drink more water and salad for dinner and it would be nice to include fruit.

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