How to lose weight in 7 days


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The most serious and one of the diseases that follow do not leave long-term obesity today. As easily as obesity is more work than ever seems to get rid of it. Be one of the greatest traits is fat on body obesity, starting from the abdomen through the fat is gradually spread over the entire body. Obesity is concerned age is not at all, to the elderly, from young children, the disease can happen to anyone.

The biggest reason to be obese is the unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, irregular intake of food, busy, fatty foods, sodium and sugar. Invites to the problem of obesity to be all in the same, as well as obesity brings with diseases such as type 2 diabetes with joint pain, high blood pressure. Besides confidence, an obese person is less than others. As the disease is prevention deemed important in the same way that daily some rules routine should be regular follow can be avoided by obesity and low :

Easy tips to fight obesity:

* Start your day with lemon juice

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Every morning on an empty stomach Drink Mix half lemon juice in lukewarm water. You get rid of excess body fat to daily intake.

* Exercise is important

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Make sure every morning exercise for the body to maintain active and energetic. Any non-activity weakens your body fat.

* Apple and papaya are a natural fat cutter

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There are not your health improves but some fruit from fruit which works to cut your body fat and perhaps easiest way Bagan remove you eat there and not at the Rose apples and papaya and obesity.

* Do not skip breakfast

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Never miss breakfast in the morning, breakfast is little food in the diet not to because of the afternoon is eaten over the entire day is more beneficial. Eat peas for breakfast, mung bean, soybean, wheat germ, etc. that will never you will get the nutrients are plentiful and which grow obesity.

* Do 1-hour walk daily

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Try to stay sitting all day gathering of excess fat in the body and is therefore easily as possible pedestrians. The whole day is less than an hour’s drive if you can keep healthy and fit. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, your first stop in the action.

* Cook your meal yourself

Obesity 7

Out of place to eat and cook their own food. Food restaurant or at the time the hotel has been cooked in which oil and when it was cooked, you do not know about this, but if you use all of your Healthy Oil, fruits, fresh vegetables, etc. If cooking for yourself at home can.

* More than physical activity

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In addition to walking, you can also football, cricket, swimming, skipping, etc. Some games, in addition to sweep such as cleaning the house, sit wipe, to shift the goods, gardening etc. activities also bring success to your weight loose Mission can.

* Say no to sweet

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Here Sweet means not just sweets, but each is the food which is used in Chinese as rough as chocolates, candies, Cold drinks, flavored yogurt, canned soups, sauces or found in ketchup bottles juice etc. Obesity loss you must stop taking all these things, no time to buy stuff has what percentage of sugar in it, definitely check.

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