How to Face Care 

How to Face Care

Beauty for the beauty of face products so you can use very long time health tips him you bring shine in your face. With little attention to the food, you can make your face bright and attractive.

Naturally, need first to get beauty to improve your routine and focus on your diet. The face of the necessary brightness that is perfect for your digestion. It is important as well that you drink plenty of water during the day to eat. Drinking water will remove all the dirt from your body. Increase the intake of green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Let us know what you face problems because of their solution

* Problem

How to face care


Tanning (Tanning) – the body due to the sun falls the skin black. The other part of the hands and body in the sun so we cover but the face is exposed to the most sunlight. The face color does not match the color of other parts of the body.

Wrinkles (Wrinkles) – the wrinkles on the biggest complaints face with aging. Often girls can keep trying to hide your age and unlock the secrets of their wrinkles his age such.

Spots (Dark Spots) – living often traces of grains on the face tend to be upset all my life and become an embarrassment. Person’s cheek and come rash itself most on the forehead with find to be very difficult spots.

Skin type (Types of Skin) – In many people’s skin dry, so many people have oily skin. Dry skin is so human creams, lotions planting can Vkti correct but frustrating oily skin most.

* Reason

reason of face care

Lack of water (Dehydration) – seems skin dry from lack of water in the body. Lips crust tear face is glowing pale. Water only thirst does not work to extinguish, but it is also a key to natural beauty.

Smoking (Smoking) – Some people smoke to relieve their stress for some hobbies. There are several disadvantages to smoke, reaches even damage the body’s skin caused by smoking. This is the skin is rough and it seems to be falling through the cracks.

Damage from the sun (Sun Damage) – Body sunbathing get course vitamin D but does the same with UV rays of the sun body so rough with falling black body skin becomes.

Bad eating habits (Eating Bad Habits) – the body’s skin also needs nutrients to stay healthy. Junk food, the body skin fast food, Awili food body skin to reach many disadvantages as there is an oil or seem rash at this.

Lack of exercise (Lack of Exercise) – Most people are not used to exercise. Right to exercise keeps the body fit, but it has many advantages that bring the body’s skin. The exercise which improves the operation of air and blood in the body is beneficial to the body skin.

* Tips

Tips for face care

Khan noticed Pan (Food Habits) – Eat nutritious foods such as fruits, milk, yogurt, tomato, flour, green vegetables, fish. The intake of many herbs such as basil, mint, turmeric reaches benefit body skin. Vitamin C and eat vitamin A-rich foods.

Take sleep (Get Enough Sleep) – sleep eight hours at least at night seven is extremely important. The day is sleeping the more rewarding night of sleep. Try so that you make a schedule of your sleep. Sleep is a different sparkle comes completely to face.

Natural Supplements (Natural Supplements) – is wrinkled when the aging of aging supplements you get around. There is also a good option to use rose water, glycerin, zinc, products containing vitamin A and E, are capable of Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil to maintain the natural glow on your face.

Use less of Beauty Products Reduce use TIPS (Avoid excess use of beauty products) – makeup, apply sunscreen leave home, let the water drink, skin Clinsig, scrubbing and steam room, skin Aksfoliatt from time to time Make and Moiscraij.

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