Dark circles remove in three days

Dark Circle

Dark circle is a big problem nowadays. Every girl and women are facing this problem. Here is the big solution of dark circles problem.

dark circle
So I’m going to share with you overnight remove dark circles. And get rid of dark circles with very simple ingredients yet. It’s super effective overnight. You will get rid of the dark circles. And it works for guys. And girls the first thing to prepare this magical remedy.

We need is one cucumber and we need to slice them cucumber like so or cut it in pieces like so. Then place it into a food processor or a grinder. We need to strain it to get the shoes. After I strain your cucumber and you get all the cucumber fresh juice. we need to add to it three tablespoons of finely ground rice flour. And my friends you need to use very finely ground rice flour.

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We’ll need to add to this one capsule of vitamin E and here I’m using the 400 milligrams vitamin E and you can use the 600 both will work the same way. Mix these ingredients after combining these three ingredients we need to add three tablespoons of wheat flour. And if you don’t have wheat flour you can use instead, the all-purpose flour both will work the same and give you. The exact the result now mix the ingredients all very very well once we mix and combine all the ingredients very very well our dark circles’ magical remedy is ready.

My friends, we need to apply it underneath our eyes on the dark circles like so my friends, please make sure to avoid any kind of scrubbing just apply a thick amount and leave it. On the dark circles under eyes and then wash it with cold water and don’t wash. It with any face wash just wash it with cold water and go to sleep on the next morning you’ll find your dark circles disappeared. Repeat this every day and my friends you will notice the result overnight on the next morning you’ll find your dark circles disappeared and it’s very improving and you can use this every night. Because it’s not causing any irritation it’s very safe to use and you can store this remedy up to 9 days in the fridge.

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